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BBC featured

award-winning contemporary African fashion brand

Gracia Bampile is a fashion designer and founder of award-winning contemporary African fashion brand Haute Afrika in South Africa.

The brand started in 2015 and has already dressed African TV personalities, actors, presenters, singers and rappers.

She tells the BBC why she is focused on African prints and how she works.

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Published 1 year ago on January 13, 2019

The ugly dress that made this designer

It all began with a pink dress – a present she received a week before her seventh birthday from her parents. Gracia Bampile put it away excited for the day she would wear it. 

She recalls going to school and telling everyone about her new outfit. The enthusiasm, however, was short-lived. She changed her mind about her gift the moment she wore it and took a closer look at it.

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50 African Innovators to Watch -May 25, 2020

50 awesome innovators hailing from Africa who are bringing the culture to the rest of the world and supporting their continent

What makes Gracia Bampile a Global Shaker?

The brand started in 2015 and has already dressed African TV personalities, actors, presenters, singers and rappers.

Her aim with Haute Afrika is to promote “African sophistication and elegance by catering for a growing continent” and to “break societies stereotypes by infusing art through fashion and sharing the ethnic culture of Africans.

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TYI’s SADC Top 100 of 2019: Grace Bampile, Trailblazers

Winner in this category, Grace Bampile is the founder of Haute Africa, a contemporary African print brand established in 2015. The ready-to-wear clothing brand caters for both men and women and is aimed at promoting African sophistication and elegance. 

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Business spotlight: Haute Afrika

When Gracia saw a gap in the South African market, she travelled the continent, hunting for high-quality materials to create designs inspired by Africa’s history. Coming from a family of seamstresses, she has taken her passion to the next level.

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Aug 26, 2020

Women celebrate their month in Haute Afrika

Women's Month may be almost over but the celebrations haven't stopped.

Ahead of Heritage Month, African women started the #WomeninHauteAfrika challenge on social media to celebrate women wearing African prints and their culture.

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Our brand is colorful, significant and explores the African roots and uniqueness that are engraved in Africa as part of our identity. Some of our Textiles and fabrics are from different African nations and others are specifically created and printed by Haute Afrika to celebrate Africa as a whole as well as to cater for a more diverse audience by taking Africa to the world.




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