Rules for design consultation

Whether you know what you want or don't know what you want when going to get an item designed for a special event or just a dress here are some rules to abide by Kings and Queens:

1.    Be on time and stick to timeframe 

The designer you are seeing has other clients as well and you have chosen to book that appointment. So, try by all means to make it on time and stick to the timeframe allocated ,so you don't delay other clients as  well.

2.Inspiration for design

When you have a dress design that has a bit of inspiration, you can come with pictures that incorporate the design you want and if you have no pictures at all and you are an inspiration to your own design. That is fine too but please be precise.

3.   Try to make the consultation as early as possible

If you are getting a dress, skirt, 2 piece or a suit made. Please try and get your design, designed as early as possible. So, there is time to do fittings and adjust to your special item. Please try not to do things at the last minute.

 4.fitting sessions

Custom orders depending on designs can have 1-5 fitting sessions .

5. Fee

some consultations may require a fee and others will not depending on what you would like. We will advise  when you reach out if your consultation requires a fee or not.

Thank you for reading, We cant wait to see you in your custom made Haute Afrika Outfits soon 



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