Facts about COVID-19

Please kindly refer our blog on COVID- 19 key Facts  to read about how to better protect yourself.

What is Haute Afrika doing to assist during the Pandemic?

Whilst we have limited resources within our capacity and Whilst our mission as a company is to provide aid beyond South Africa. We believe that we have to start somewhere  and a little goes a long way . We simply cannot seat back and do nothing.
We have planned a number of outreach programs that will be installed to help our local communities in Johannesburg. The dates for our roll outs  will be announced on social media and on the website.

*Please note that we are a law abiding company and therefore we are only performing community outreaches during lock down  because we have the right permits to do so and because we will keep to social distancing rules and regulations.
So far , to raise fund and assist the most in need we have been able / Planning to do the following :
1.We are currently running Sales/promotions programs which we will be giving away a certain percentages of our proceeds to our feeding program.

  1. We are currently producing masks , which will be delivered with with food parcels to the Zandspruit community on a monthly basis.

  2. We are currently working on production of masks which will be donated to hospitals in Johannesburg. 

How can you help

We are currently working on an appropriate medium of how we can receive donations to assist with our feeding program and how we will provide accountability to you for your assistance.
Once completed there will be a separate page for donation sign ups, where we will also provide images and videos of how your donations are impacting local communities in Johannesburg.
No amount is ever too small, xoxo

How is COVID-19 going to affect Haute Afrika's policies.

Level 5 and 4 Lockdown
During the lock down our courier services are only allowed to deliver essential items to customers such as food, which then means we will be unable to fulfill any orders dusing this time .

After Level 3 Lockdown
In compliance with covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, Haute Afrika will be operating at limited capacity. This will impact our ability to service all our orders within our normal operating timeframe and will also affect our communication capacity.
Please kindly allow 10 working days after level 4 has been lifted to recieve your parcels in level 3 .We apologies for the inconvenience. We know that you are eager to recieve your parcels and we will work tireless to meet our delivery time frame after the lock down.
Please be patient with us and rest assured that we are attending to your orders.